ePay$ Bill Pay

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Use ePay$ (now mobile) to pay bills from your Power Checking Account and you’ll qualify for a higher interest rate with eMax$ Online, reduce your carbon imprint, and save postage. Update our app today.

  • Enjoy single sign-on and an unlimited number of bills
  • Send funds to and from your accounts, or to someone else’s accounts, at other financial institutions
  • Schedule payments and view history
  • Set up email or text reminders about upcoming bills
  • Send gift cards
  • Donate to charity
  • FREE to qualifying members (Four-Star Award Level of eMax$ Online)

New users receive first 3 months free; subsequent charge only $1.99 per month (unless you  qualify for eMax$ Four-Star Award Level and then it’s free).


Getting Started

From eBranch, go to “Pay Bills” at the top of your screen, and you’ll be guided through the setup process.  For ePay$ Customer Service call 800.241.5579. Note: Their support staff will only be able to answer questions about ePay$, not your ActorsFCU account.


Watch ePay$ demo > 

To Debit From or Credit To Your Accounts

  • Routing-and-Transit Number: 226077079 
  • Full Checking or Savings Account Number

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