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Lori Eure

ActorsFCU is like a family. Everyone that works here truly cares about your financial needs. I will never bank with anyone else.

David Finch

In an age when big banks promise to be transparent but hardly are, you can be sure ActorsFCU keeps our money within our industry.

Leenya Rideout

I bank at ActorsFCU & I know I’m part of a community. From direct deposit to online banking to credit and investing, they get us.

Sal Cecere

ActorsFCU has offices in LA and NY. Banking here maintains the latest conveniences and innovations but is much more personalized.

Renée  Bang Allen

When it came to opening a business account, ActorsFCU provided all the advantages of a commercial bank without any arbitrary fees.

Mel Hampton Sr

I’ve never felt more at home while banking online and in person. A collaborative Credit Union, for a Collaborative Art Form.

Sean Martin  Hingston

ActorsFCU re-financed my mortgage in 2015 and reduced my interest rate from 6% to 3.25%! Reducing my monthly payment by a quarter.

Ramona Floyd

ActorsFCU is my fave financial institution. They get it! I got my car loan and keep my savings here. Personalized and secure.

Our Story
Our Story
Founded on the principle that financial security should extend to actors, too, ActorsFCU has given artists and performers the credit they need to help them realize their dreams.
Here’s how:
“Don’t Call Us.
We’ll Call You.”
Seeing fellow actors struggle to obtain credit, Conrad Bain (of “Diff’rent Strokes” fame), along with six other AEA members, establishes Actors Federal Credit Union.
Don’t Call Us. We’ll Call You.
Late 1960s
A ‘Fantastick’ Break
The “Case for Actors without Credit” is closed when Jerry Orbach (of “Law and Order” fame) gets the first mortgage from ActorsFCU.
Jerry Orbach gets the first mortgage from ActorsFCU
From Fleet Street to Cabot Cove
Dame Angela Lansbury is welcomed as ActorsFCU’s ten-thousandth member.
Angela Lansbury
From Fleet Street to Cabot Cove
Dame Angela Lansbury is welcomed as ActorsFCU’s ten-thousandth member
An Ensemble Cast Is Born
ActorsFCU joins forces with leading industry unions and credit unions.
Actors Equity
Local 802
An Ensemble Cast Is Born
A Leading Lady Enters
Denise Nolin is appointed ActorsFCU’s first chairwoman.
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And the Award Goes to...
ActorsFCU installs its first ATM, and soon becomes New York City’s number one credit union provider of ATMs. Pounding the pavement is forever improved.
On the Road
ActorsFCU expands its scope to reach members across the country through increased ATM deployment and a growing network of credit union Shared Branches.
Branch offices open, setting the stage for unparalleled member care.
And now...
Our easy-to-use mobile apps are up and running, earning countless thumbs up from busy members on the go.